A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Floop is a game about sophisticated woodwind music. To play, simply mash your face against your computer keyboard. The controls are easy to pick-up.

You can add whatever music you like as digital sheet music. A nearly limitless amount is available free online. Or you can write your own. Here's a handy 'how to' guide.


  • Pick up your keyboard and hold it like the on-screen character.
  • If your keyboard doesn't have F3, F4, num1, or num2 keys, you can use the 3, 4, left arrow, and down arrow keys instead.
  • To pause the game, press escape, num5, or up arrow.
  • If you're on a laptop, you can play 'lap style' -- the keys are the same. Try it with a full keyboard, if you can, to get the full experience.

If you enjoy Floop, consider buying Floop Platinum. With Floop Platinum you can play the full length of every song.

Linux people: want to test the Linux build before it goes live? Message me on Twitter, or leave a comment below. ✌


floop-pc.zip 11 MB
Version 1 Jan 26, 2017
floop-mac.zip 14 MB
Version 1 Jan 26, 2017